The best kept secret from Rihanna!
Kylie Jenner is moving on
Five of the richest Hip Hop artists according to Forbes!
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Chris brown high times got him on the ground
Tyga stopped keeping up with the kardashians
Lil Wayne made a bad one with Curren$y this time
Macklemore and Ryan are simply killing it.
50 cent declared himself in bankruptcy!
Kevin Gates The rapper Kevin Gates gets excited in the Mecca
Incredible! Hip Hop singer gives away scholarships
Kanye and his mouth is at the roll again
Drake is the record rapper to follow
Threatening Drake in the number one spot
Jennifer Lopez does not like the rhythm and blues dive Mariah Carey

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The Quest Finally Reach their Destination

Emily 10/11/2016 celebrities

The hip hop legends’ newest and final project is coming out this November, inspired by the group’s reunion last year on The Tonight Show. The yet-to-be named new album will also feature Busta Rhymes and Consequence. It’s the result of

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Ty Dolla

Ty Dolla in taxes problems

Parc_336 1/11/2016 celebrities
Cash Money Records

Why Tupac Shakur Is Still Influential in Today’s Hip Hop Artists

Emily 29/10/2016 celebrities

The notorious rap artist known simply as Tupac or 2Pac was murdered in 1996. A rival gangster, still unknown to this day, shot him in a grudge match. Tragically, he was at the top of his career when he was

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Drake and Rihanna Break Up Again

Emily 27/10/2016 celebrities

Adele: Two Sides of a Real Diva

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