Artículos: October, 2016


Rihanna changes her look to a Bob Marley style

Parc_336 6/10/2016 celebrities

Rihanna is well known for her changes of look and taste for fashion, with each new musical phase is a new look, from having long hair, smooth, in curlers, painted  red and even cut it in different ways, now the

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Drake cancelled his tour

Parc_336 5/10/2016 celebrities
Kim Kardashian
Kendrick Lamar

Alright becomes an anthem

Parc_336 3/10/2016 celebrities

The case of Birdman

Parc_336 3/10/2016 celebrities

Diddy donates $1 million dollars to Howard College

Parc_336 2/10/2016 celebrities

Sean Combs, known as Diddy in the world of hip-hop is a person with a lot of titles including producer, rapper, songwriter, businessman, actor, and many more, all of these titles have made him in one of the richest people

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Meek Mill