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2pac and his mother

How much would you pay for the original letter of “Dear Mama” by 2pac?

pagoskawaii 20/03/2017 celebrities

Coincidence or not, since 2pac Shakur mother’s death, a number of possessions of the singer have begun to auction that have purchased high prices at sites for collectors. From the chain he wore when he was moored in 1994 to

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Wyclef Jean Arrested

pagoskawaii 17/03/2017 celebrities

Nicki Minaj gets her revenge

pagoskawaii 16/03/2017 celebrities

Coolio the rapper was victim of Death Hoax

pagoskawaii 13/03/2017 celebrities

This week, there were many rumors about a possible death of the rapper famous for his single Gangsta’s Paradise, Coolio. He is alive and in good health. But unfortunately, he joined the ranks of celebrities being killed in deceptions that

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Nelly comes back

pagoskawaii 10/03/2017 celebrities
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