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Breakbeats, the origin of many music genre

pagoskawaii 17/04/2017 celebrities

With Breakbeats something similar happens to the Chill Out. That is to say, it is not any electronic genre. But a word that puts all the types of music together that use “solos” of African American “funky” drums. Play with

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Rap hip hop music
hip hop jazz
lgbt hip hop
Daymond John

Learning from Daymond John

pagoskawaii 11/04/2017 celebrities
rick ross

Rick Ross loses 100 pounds to save his life

pagoskawaii 10/04/2017 celebrities

Rapper Rick Ross can be an example. He has gone from showing off being overweight in shirtless video clips to being proud of being able to show off with tight clothing. In 2011, the singer suffered two strokes that made

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Last hip hop barrier fell down