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Are you a student? DJ Khaled has a message for you

pagoskawaii 18/05/2017 celebrities

DJ Khaled published a book on his history of man made himself, The Keys. Now he visits universities to give support messages to students. It is customary in the United States that trending singers go to educational centers on graduation dates.

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MC Hammer, pop-rap pioneer

pagoskawaii 17/05/2017 celebrities

Is Tupac alive?

pagoskawaii 16/05/2017 celebrities
Dirty South

Dirty South

pagoskawaii 12/05/2017 celebrities
the most dangerous gangsta rappers

The most dangerous gangsta rappers in music

pagoskawaii 11/05/2017 celebrities

Not everything in hip-hop refers to violence, guns, rejection by authorities, women and money. Today many of these references were left behind by some of its performers. However, we cannot deny that there still exist those belonging to the old

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Rap, a universal language
Rap metal