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Argentina and rap Music

pagoskawaii 18/07/2017 celebrities

Rap is a form of physical, emotional and mental expression. With rap and hip hop the body is the main protagonist. It is thanks to the rap that thousands of children and young people have known how to channel their energies.

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maria Marta

Actitud Maria Marta

pagoskawaii 17/07/2017 celebrities
rap songs that should become in movies

Trip Hop

pagoskawaii 13/07/2017 celebrities
hip hop only for nerds

Hip Hop only for “nerds”

pagoskawaii 12/07/2017 celebrities
nike air force 1

Nike Air Force 1. What they mean for Hip Hop?

pagoskawaii 11/07/2017 celebrities

If we talk about Hip Hop culture and sneakers, we surely the first ones we think of Nike Air Force Ones, a classic of all time. Let’s see how this pair of sneakers, designed by Bruce Kilgore in 1982, became

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eazy e

Eazy E. The Forgotten Rapper

pagoskawaii 10/07/2017 celebrities
3 curiosities about Young Thug
a tribe called quest