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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Rihanna

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Multitalented artist, singer, dancer, actress, model and producer, Rihanna begin her career at young age. Her popularity has no limits, active in the Medias and constant being shows in the tabloids they are still some things you don’t know about her. These are 10 things you didn’t know about Rihanna.

1- In her native country Barbados, was a cadet in the state army in a submilitar program and trained with military the same place. She says that discipline is something that came to him like a glove with his rebellious personality.


2- Her mother was a makeup artist, but does not allow you to use any makeup. Years later became the singer on the cover of Cover Girl, One of the major cosmetics brands.


3- Rihanna as a child used to sell clothes with her father on a street stall in Barbados.



4- In 2006 she created a foundation to help children with terminal illnesses. She says, When I was little and I liked watching television, saw all the children suffering … then I always said when big help.


5-  Despite having many professional makeup artists, Rihanna prefers herself makeup before a show.


6- On 20th February (Birthday of Rihanna) is the day of Rihanna in her native Barbados. She is the official face of tourism in Barbados and wields the title of Ambassador for Culture and Youth in their country.


7- When Rihanna was on stage at the Peace & Love Festival in Sweden he received the news of the death of Gran Gran Dolly, her grandmother. However he continued with the show until the end.


8- She has received countless offers to pose nude in Playboy magazine, but has ruled out because when she decides to display her body, would not want to do it for money.


9- The tattoo on his collarbone that reads: Never a failure, always a lesson. Is written upside down so that Rihanna can read when you look in the mirror.


10- Had it not been an artist probably would have devoted to psychology: I hated school, so thank God I’m doing what I’m doing, she revealed in past interviews.




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