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Mariah Carey’s Sister Arrested For Prostitution

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Mariah Carey’s Sister Arrested for Prostitution and also She Is HIV-Positive.

The older sister of the famous singer Mariah Carey has been arrested for prostitution. The 55 years old was already been arrested in the past for the same charge in 2005.

This news definitely shocks the Medias. It’s true to every family has problem but in case of celebrities those things just turn way worse than really is.

 Mariah Carey's Sister

Mariah Carey sister Allison Carey was arrested by illegal prostitution in new York, Allison s HIV positive and police officer are urging searching those who allegedly slept with her to see a doctor for possible contagious. New York police has been calling anyone who has sexual encounters with her specially unprotected, those people need to go to the doctor has soon has possible.

She is also alleged by charges of having sex with people having a STD, this is a crime in the state of New York.

Mariah Carey's Sister

Allison ha a past of drug abuse and a promiscuous sexual life, she gave birth to her first son at age of 15. In the past she has been arrested unusual behavior, indecent exposure and mentally disorder.

Mariah Carey's Sister

Is known that the singer offered to help her sister several times but with the drug addiction of her sister it became useless.

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