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3 curiosities about Young Thug

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Young Thug, the rapper who rose to fame with Stone, has introduced himself to the world this year as one of the most eccentric and popular American rappers of the moment.

3 curiosities about Young Thug

This is so big that Calvin Harris himself has worked with him on his latest single Heatstroke with Ariana Grande and Pharrell Williams. But, his figure as a singer is surrounded by something much murkier. Jeffrey Williams, his real name is not a catcher rapper. If his songs talk about drugs and delinquency is because he really has lived it. His resume is not precisely clean, and his police record neither did it.

Young Thug is charged with several felonies. These charges including terrorist threats, and an attempted murder.

  1. Delinquency

Exactly 2 years ago, in April of 2015, when Thug gave a concert in New Orleans, Lil Wayne’s hometown. There, he was booed while those attended acclaimed Lil Wayne. At the same time, that same night, Wayne gave a concert in Atlanta, the city where Young Thug was born. Taking advantage of the moment, and after the nonsense of his concert, the criminal gang called Blood, associated with Thug began an ambush to the rapper Lil Wayne armed with assault rifles.

Police tried to arrest them and even escorted Wayne’s cars, but Thug’s gang managed to shoot Lil Wayne’s vehicle while in telephone contact with Young Thug.

  1. Young Thug sexuality

Young Thug is not only controversial by his flirtations with the crime, but also by the provocations in his records. The most controversial was when he appeared dressed by Alessandro Trincone on the cover of his latest album Jeffery, advised by the clothing brand Vfiles, who posted a video of the dress election. At that moment, everyone began to question his masculinity and his sexuality. Then, with the photo of the album cover, memes came with it. It became viral and he himself commented that at age 12, he began to wear women’s clothing.

  1. Fashion

Fashion has served as an escape route to disassociate himself from the genre, but it has also been a dark side, with which he has been more pointed by the critic.

The rapper has also posed for Calvin Klein and for Yeezy (Kanye West’s brand). It was precisely in one of the promotional videos of Calvin Klein in which he commented on the ambiguity of the genre (in all its breadth). He is able to combine female clothes in his day to day, in fact, told GQ magazine that 90% of his wardrobe were women’s clothing.

But not only has he posed for the brands, but during a Vfiles fashion show, the rapper rose from the front row to break into the catwalk, and do a small performance with one of the models.


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