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50 cent declared himself in bankruptcy!

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50 cent declared himself in bankruptcy! 1

The life of the rich and famous can be very glamorous, with the possibility to spend thousands of dollars every day, on things like clothes, electronic devices, jury, shoes, and even pets. Also, these people, who can be from artist, singers, and actors, to famous people for other reasons, like being a prince, or an inheritor of a great fortune, they have the chance to buy luxurious houses, and car that most of the people would only dream of. Nonetheless, sometimes this kind of life style can be impossible to maintain, a rapper can tell you that is 50 cent, as he declared himself in bankruptcy.

To begin with, the Hip Hop singer 50 cent declared himself in bankruptcy on July, when he lost a demand against him, done by the wife of the rapper Rick Ross, because of the publishing of an out rated video online, belonging to the couple. The lost of this demand obligated 50 cent to pay a financial recovery to Rick Ross and his wife, of about six million dollars, giving a reason for 50 cent to declare himself unable to pay, and therefore, in total bankruptcy in the current year.

However, during the trial to demonstrate the actual bankruptcy, it was shown that the rapper in reality has many possessions, which some of them are, a house in Connecticut with a total worth of seven million dollars, a house in Valley Stream with a total value of 550.000 dollars, and another one in Atlanta, with a cost of one million dollars, besides the owning by the rapper of seven luxury cars, including three Chevy Suburbans, an a Roll Royce Phantom, gathering all of these vehicles the total value of two million dollars.

What the rapper 50 cent claims

50 cent declared himself in bankruptcy

Nonetheless, 50 cents claims to have more debts, than income of money, declaring monthly expenses, in relation to a mortgage that cost sixty five thousand dollars, and bills from his mansion of fifty rooms in Connecticut, where he also pays eight thousand dollars in security, and other six thousand dollars, in corresponding alimentary pension to his children, being every one of a different mother.

As it is seen, the rapper 50 cent, being his real name Curtis Jackson, is having financial issues during this time, with the next attendance to court house on a few days, to keep on going with the case, and if his bankruptcy is approved, in order to get his back on his feet, although, may he should try to slow down such a luxury life style.

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