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All the fashion trends of the rapper 50 Cent

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50 Cent life has changed a lot since he started rap from his home in Jamaica (Queens) in New York. At present, in addition to music, he participates in different business initiatives ranging from television to clothing. In this context, it is not difficult to imagine that his clothing has also evolved. He has been seen wearing hoods but also wearing a suit. Now he has joined the fashion of the torn jeans. This is the 50 Cent’s fashion trends from his beginnings in images.

50 Cent Fashion Trends

50 cent fashion trends

1. 50 Cent in 2003 when he released “Get Rich Or Die Tryin ‘”

Then 50 Cent appeared in the concert and in the prize galas with sportswear and baseball cap. This time he has the visor back. It was 20103 and just released Get Rich or Die Tryin ‘. 14 years have passed.

2. In 2005, with the album The Massacre.

With his second studio album, The Massacre, 50 Cent still wore sportswear but began to see him in other styles, from American jacket to fur coats like the famous gray jacket he used for the album premier. It was 2005. It has been 12 years from this year.

3. In 2009, with Before I Self Destruct.

At the time that 50 Cent published Before I Self Destruct, he was already a celebrity known not only for hip hop, but for his works in other fields. At this time on multiple occasions he was seen wearing a suit and jacket, T-shirt and a more traditional style. That happened in 2009. It has been 8 years from now.

4. In 2014, at the time of Animal Ambition.

His fans waited for the Street King Immortal album and continue to do so. Instead, 50 Cent released Animal Ambition and, although he continues to hold concerts in the United States and abroad, he has completely diversified his economy. His clothes are also different. Designer garments, jackets or jerseys and less caps.

5. In 2017, with ripped jeans.

With a series of on-screen television and business ventures of all kinds, 50Cent dresses in a very different style from his beginnings. During his visit to Miami, he can see him in torn jeans like those that the clothes marks point will be worn this spring/summer, also for men. He is wearing all-white slippers, a black T-shirt and, yes, he has not taken off the blue baseball cap of the New York Yankees.

As you can notice, 50 Cent is a very trendy guy. He likes to be dressing according to the occasion. He never misses the chance to show his unique style. 50 Cent is a person that has overcome different issues, since his beginnings, he knows what to wear even in really tough times.

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