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50 cent and the controversial photo

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Rap artists are not exempt from common problems like us. However, some of their common problems become much less common when they are involved with drugs. Such is the case of the artist of Rap 50 cent. In the past May he was involved in a very strange controversy that links him to drugs and drug trafficking.

50 cent and the controversial photo

50 cent and his life – Who is he?

50 Cent is a well known rap artist. Aside from being an artist whose music albums have transcended the US borders to make him an icon worldwide in music. He is also well known for his past drug dealer and his drug trade.

Before being the rap artist that everyone knows, the artist 50 cent sold drugs in the dangerous neighborhoods of the USA. This drug sale was his only source of money to survive within the USA. Since then he has had a great criminal history and comings and goings to the dangerous jails of the USA.

But all this changed when his friends convinced him to enter rap recitals. They were in those recitals where he began to gain fame within the world of Rap and in music. Since then he has lived based on music and rap.

50 cent, instagram and the FBI investigation

The controversial photo that involves 50 cent in a very good mess was taken during one of his sessions for one of his music videos. In the video appears a cool car and with 50 cent singing inside them. At the end of one of the sessions, 50 cent takes a photograph in front of one of the cars and publishes it in instagram. Hours later the police arrived to question the artist about the acquisition of that car.

This interrogation by the police is because one of the cars has the Costa Rican license plate and is being searched by the FBI because one of the previous owners of the car is a famous drug dealer. And since 50 cent has a criminal record, the police began to investigate him.

After 3 days of thorough investigation by the FBI at 50 Cent, fortunately all ended well. They did not linked the car with the rapper. Since the drug dealer sold it to the owner of the set of filmation of the music video. Without knowing that they car was actually involved with drug dealing.

However, this was not a pleasant experience for the famous rapper 50 cent. Since the investigation of the artist by the police for the implications of the car and the drug dealing stuff, 50 cent that erased the photo of his instagram account. Fans will be able to breathe in relief that their favorite artist will not go to jail and won’t be in any troubles for now.

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