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7 rappers who marked the female hip-hop industry

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Every musical genre has its iconic people. Yes, we refer to those characters that no matter how high they were on stage or if they continue in it, but, they are impossible to erase from our mind. To get into rap culture, today we would like to show you 7 female hip hop singers who marked history. That you should not stop knowing or listening. Are you ready? Here they are:

female hip hop singers

Female hip hop singers

Rah Digga.

Ranked in her best years as one of the most prominent women of the genre, Rah Digga was one of the most outstanding from the group Flipmode Squad, which spawned various artists. This woman knows what to do in this business, who was made herself to listen with her music. She also stood out in other places, for example in the cinema.

Da Brat.

The first artist who managed to have a platinum record. She took to the stage by herself. Another artist that also had a bad stage; In 2007 she was sentenced to 3 years in prison for having assaulted a woman. But, she fortunately left this behind. It remains among the favorite of the audience. She demonstrates that you can always have a comeback whenever you propose to that.

Nicki Minaj.

You may like her or not, she is one of the artists that you either love or hate, but if there is something to say about this singer is that she managed to reach the top, in a very short time. In less than 5 years, she produced songs with the most famous producers and artist in the industry, captivated many people around her. What is even more difficult, she remains as one of the undisputed referents.

Lil ‘Mama.

Another artist who had their good time in the music industry, although it was not for so long. However, she managed to leave her trace with the two albums she produced, her unforgettable single Lip Gloss.

Foxy Brown.

Of course, she could not be missed in our list. One of the women which accumulated during her stardom, all kinds of inconveniences with the police, but also with other female rappers. Anyway, and despite her bad character and behavior, we cannot leave her aside since she influenced many other artists with her rhythm and vocabulary.

Lauryn Hill.

If you like hip-hop, then you should know about this artist. Lauryn is one of the women with more trajectory in show business. she remains in constant renewal. She managed to distinguish always with each one of her new works. She sets out a tendency with her own style what has made her to obtain 8 Grammy awards during her better years on the stage.

Remy Ma.

Apart from being among the most controversial artists, by her imprisonment and fight with Foxy Brown, Remy Ma also earned deservedly her fame thanks to her voice and avant-garde productions. She even won the spot among the top five rappers on the Billboard Hot 100.

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