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7 things you may not know about Brooklyn and the Bronx

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They are two of the best-known places in New York. The first place has come out some rappers such as Notorious B.I.G. Or Jay Z, to politicians like African American Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm. The second is remembered as hip hop birthplace. Brooklyn and The Bronx, we wanted to compile 7 trivia that you may not know about them.

7 things you may not know about Brooklyn and The Bronx

  1. In general terms, neither Brooklyn nor the Bronx are dangerous.

In the 1970s, New York City was represented as a decadent city, whose subway full of graffiti and its neighborhoods with so much crime have given in the movies. Today, the city is one of the most touristic in the world and Brooklyn, especially neighborhoods like Williamsburg or Greenpoint, have become the favorite place for artists, hipsters and start-ups. A rental in these trendy areas is like Manhattan prices. For example, $ 2,500 or $ 3,000 for a studio apartment.

  1. Brooklyn is not a neighborhood

This is not a neighborhood. Phrases like “looks like the Brooklyn neighborhood” or is “like Brooklyn neighborhood”, although frequent, are not correct. It is one of five New York City boroughs or districts. The Brooklyn district is divided into dozens of neighborhoods. For example, Jay Z grew up in the Bedford-Stuyvesant, a Brooklyn neighborhood.

  1. Brooklyn has more inhabitants than Manhattan.

If it were a neighborhood, it would be a gigantic neighborhood. The district has a population of 2.6 million, one million more than the second most populous city in many places around the world. It is the most populous borough and has more inhabitants than Manhattan, which has 1.6 million.

  1. The Bronx is not a neighborhood either.

The Bronx is not a neighborhood. As in the previous case, talking about the Bronx as a neighborhood is also common, but the Bronx, is another of the five New York City boroughs or districts, and it has many neighborhoods. The city is composed by the districts of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx and Staten Island.

  1. Bronx has almost as many inhabitants as Barcelona.

Although Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan-in this order-they outnumber the Bronx district, it has 1.4 million people, almost like the city of Barcelona.

  1. Dutch?

The name of Brooklyn has its origin in the settlement of Dutch founded in century XVII and that was called Breuckelen, as the Holland locality of the same name. The Bronx name comes from Jonas Bronck, who founded the first settlement in the area at about the same time. The New York City, then, of Dutch domination, was known as New Amsterdam. In both cases, the name suffered variations in English. They are not the only ones: the famous New York Harlem also owes its name to the so-called locality in Holland.

  1. Transformation of the hip-hop birthplace.

Known as the birthplace of hip hop, and the New York City most north borough, it has taken a turn in recent years. The Zoo, the Yankees baseball stadium and the Botanical Garden are recommended tours in any tour guide.


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