» » Fashionist rapper, A$AP Rocky. The Mercedes Benz Star

Fashionist rapper, A$AP Rocky. The Mercedes Benz Star

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The fashionist rapper A$AP Rocky has become an icon. Not only because of hip hop but other spheres that go from the fashion to publicity. The new Mercedes-Benz publicity campaign presents under the title “Grow Up”. It has the hip hop singer as starred.

It is about a spot that counts with a drama film style with messages. In which it seems that the rapper represents either the actor to himself.

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About the spot

The selection of the campaign and A$AP Rocky for the spot is according to the Company to the direction of Mercedes for the future. They say it is a view for the future to look forward for the brand with more modernity, progress, and dynamism to all Mercedes-Benz identity. In conclusion, for the fashionist rapper A$AP Rocky is another achievement in his career.

Not his first experience as actor

More than a video it looks like a short film. A 12-minute recording where it mixes a video with black and white very impacted photos. He made a video based on the French film “La Haine”. The result comes from double size “Money Man/Put That On My Set”

The film La Haine (1995) known especially for hip hop fans in Europe and shot in black and white, tells the difficult life of the young people of the Parisian banlieues. The ASAP Rocky’s video clip and company also drops out color although, if appropriate, was shot in London.

The two songs from the video, “Money Man” and “Put That On My Set” will be included in the album Cozy Tapes. Announcement made by the rapper. However, the work has special meaning for the collective because it was started by the late A$AP Yam and Rocky proposed to complete it in his honor.

The fashionist rapper

At age 24, A$AP Rocky manages to become one of the best rappers of the moment in the New York area. Passionate about fashion, this is how his image and his rap go hand in hand on his debut album Long. Live. A $ AP, occupying the position No. 1 of the Billboard 200. There is no doubt that it was accepted by the fashion and rap community. Their number of fans grows day by day.

On the other hand, Rakim Mayers, his truly name by his parents in this way by the well-known MC, is a rapper, video director, women and fashion lover. He was born in Harlem and grew up in Bronx selling drugs and trying to lead a life despite feeling different from others.

In fact, starting at the age of 20 feeling the rap music and getting serious on that. He is nowadays part of the A$AP Mob crew composed of friends, representatives, producers also rapper A$AP Ferg.

Finally, the Pretty Motherfucker style, as it is called, is different from the New York rapper. Also, you can see it mixing street tags with clothing from your favorite designers and friends. Jeremy Scott and Rick Owens.

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