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Adele: Two Sides of a Real Diva

Emily 25 de October del 2016 celebrities
A year and a half ago, Adele couldn’t even get on a stage if she had thousands of thrilled fans in front of her, seeing what she was doing, watching her sing her tunes, seeing what she wore and hearing her words live and in person. She lived in a complete panic and had the urgent need to throw up, gripped by the responsibility of not let anyone down.

That’s why her current brief tour on-stage surprised everyone, and it is considered almost a miracle. Maybe she has changed something in her life, or maybe she found a shrink from another galaxy!

The thing is, Adele was so shy that she could only sing on TV shows and galas. But lately, we have seen a self-confident and talkative Adele, who also likes to make jokes and totally transforms into a real animal on stage. It seems that, besides being born to sing, she also was born for showbiz in all its glorious dimension.adele-on-stage

Hello”, Adele’s real salute

When she starts singing “Hello” and emerges draped in her black velvet dress from backstage as a real Venus (her dress was designed by Burberry), Adele passes over a folk cadence, and we are all ready to listen to her strenuous voice, to show her we really love her, and at the end, maybe show her our complete and utter support to overcome all that fear she felt. She now knows that was just part of the past. She can feel that there is nothing to fear now; just 15,000 fans trying to kiss the floor where she put her feet.

Adele had a good set of tools to help her set her fears aside. A very clean and beautiful voice with perfect pitch every time she sings live, security in her expression, and even the most sensitive songs, using a simple garment to makes us focus more on her performance rather than her apparel.

Adele sings in a very contented way; she handles her unique and powerful voice expertly. But there is more to her than a pretty voice! The concept of her show is a mixture of a technological exhibition and a comedy club, songs and monologues.

The show on stage

The show really works: a very simple light set and digital mapping wrapped with aquatic motifs, childhood landscapes or the Sagrada Familia (a Gothic cathedral in Barcelona, Spain), with a great band formed by string and wind sections, a piano and a group of vocalists to reinforce the intensity of her songs.

Her most relevant hits and anecdotes from time to time, complete her show. Adele has become an artist with record sales from the last few years thanks to her great voice, but also thanks to her elegance and ability to connect with her audience. She spends most of her time on stage laughing, winking and making silly faces, confessing her fondness for drinking everything she finds, or just making jokes about her big ass! She can inspire many people with these kinds of monologues which can make you either laugh or cry depending on the songs that follow that interlude.

Adele’s trip throughout her music

Her repertoire includes her greatest hits such as “Rumour Has It” and “One and Only” while she prepares the audience for the most expected ones, such as “Sweetest Devotion”, “Chasing Pavements” or “Rolling in the Deep”. The last song she always sings to close her concerts in front of a sold out house like all those big arenas in Europe, Asia and America where she has left her mark over and over again.

This young lady, who never, ever wanted to see a stage, is now a real queen on-stage without anything standing in her way.

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