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Alright becomes an anthem

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Kendrick Lamar, musician, composer and rapper, is the creator of the hip hop theme which became the anthem of a protest, which is used by students from Cleveland State University.

Kendrick Lamar

The social movement called Black Lives Matter, they sang the chorus of the song by rapper Kendrick Lamar, Alright, to be noticed and heard in order to express civil rights, whose protests tube origin, after the police abuse of their power aggressively, arresting a young man of only 14 years old, the facts of the case is that the authorities claimed that the young man was intoxicated at the public transport unit but other media say it was a racial and discriminatory act against the young African American.

These demonstrations were able to prevent the passage of the police unit, having to use pepper spray to break through, then the protesters began to sing the chorus of the song to give encouragement to each other which says: We gon ‘be Alright, that topic create a social impact in YouTube and transmitted the feeling that the rapper Kendrick Lamar wanted to convey to the public, noting racial discrimination, among many other problems faced.

Kendrick Lamar

A curious fact is that the author of the song, Alrigth, Kendrick Lamar, is nominated in the Bet Awards.

This has generated a great gesture of importance by the people who suffer such problems which are the result of ignorance.

Kendrick Lamar

The song of Lamar is claimed by many as an initiative to eradicate violence and that inspires people to fight, as happened in the case of Black Lives Matter movement and the protest against the authorities

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