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The Amazing Story behind No Diggity

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Even for people who are not hip-hop lovers, probably more than one has heard the song No Diggity from the Blackstreets. It was very sounded in the year 1996 played almost everywhere. Since the song was released, it became a phenomenal success, being number 1 in different charts worldwide including the Billoboard Hot 100 in the United States. It could be heard anywhere and on almost every station.

No Diggity

No Diggity features the verses of Teddy Riley, Queen Pen and Dr. Dre.

In the year 1996, the song No Diggity became Platinum Record, selling 1.6 million copies. Another award for them was when they took home the Grammy award in 1998, to the best interpretation of R&B by a Duo or Group. Also, they were nominated for a Grammy Award for Best R&B Song of 1998. More than a dozen artists have made a cover of this song. Also located in countless best songs list and in many playlists.

It even showed its timelessness rising again in the Top 40 of the UK Singles Chart in March of 2013. Thanks to all the awards this song has received; it makes its success even more impressive. For the fact that the song had almost no promotion and publicity back in the days.

No Diggity

The Creation of No Diggity

Teddy Riley was co-producer of the song. Despite a solid career as a producer and working with artists such as Michael Jackson, Bobby Brown, Prince and Keith Sweat, he is credited of the creation of the New Jack Swing genre. This one had a bit difficult to get someone to record the song No Diggity.

  • No Diggity is one of the most historical and important hip-hop songs of all times.
  • The Blackstreet group was founded by Teddy Riley.
  • No Diggity counts with the participation of Dr. Dre.

After 20 years, therefore the Blacksteet´s song continues to play in the radio stations and remains on the list of hip hop’s most famous songs.

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