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Apocalipse 16 – the brazilian rap band

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Apocalipse 16 is a rap and hip hop band recognized worldwide for its combination of gospel rhythms with Portuguese lyrics and Caribbean rhythms. This band is one of the most influential in the Brazilian country. They sing with the heart and to the rhythm of the feet of the Brazilian music.

Since its founding in the 90s there have been thousands of fans who proclaim their music all over. These same fans have a great esteem and respect for this musical group. That is why today we will dedicate a few words and large columns of information within this article. Let’s start!

Apocalipse 16

Early years – Apocalipse 16

Apocalipse 16 was founded as a band in early 1990 where rap bands in Brazil were still in their infancy and did not have many followers within the Brazilian musical community. He was born in the hands of rap artists like Thiago and Juan as an initiative to express ideas such as poverty in the favelas, drug trafficking, drugs, criminal gangs, among other things.

Apocalipse 16 began singing in the different bars of the city of Rio de Janeiro and since then they have not stopped singing rap music that combines musical rhythms typical of Brazil with those of the Caribbean. This great combination of musical rhythms made this band one of the favorites of many university students and many young people from all over Brazil. After his second musical album, fame was born. And with her they managed to make tours around the world, singing and expressing their ideas in sticky rhythms.

New Album and 2017

At the moment they are in the process of creating other musical albums. This will help to propagate even more their ideas of equality, against the poverty of the arms, of the assassinations and of the crude daily life of the favelas in Brazil. This new musical album is planned to be it in English. Even more people around the world can hear and understand the lyrics of their songs and know what they want to transmit.

They are also planning to have a change of musical rhythm. They want to combine their music with the current musical influences where they can highlight house music, rock and other caribbean rhythms. So they can give a great musical and unique touch on their new musical album.

This new musical album is going to contain great songs of protest. Many of them will talk about the corruption of the government. The incapacity of the government in the matter of security inside the favelas of Brazil.

They have a Youtube channel in which all their music videos are the most viewed of any brazilian Youtube channels. These music videos are very original and very appealing to anyone who likes rap and Latin American music.

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