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Breakbeats, the origin of many music genre

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With Breakbeats something similar happens to the Chill Out. That is to say, it is not any electronic genre. But a word that puts all the types of music together that use “solos” of African American “funky” drums. Play with strength, sensuality and feeling, with much, much predisposition to dance.


Those crazy percussions that make us jump on the dance floor we usually listen in many electronic songs, did not emerge from electronic music properly. If not rather, were extracted from old acoustic musical compositions with much influence of African percussion.

What Breakbeats mean?

The meaning Breakbeats can be summed up in the two words that comprise it: Break = Cut, interrupt, fragment and Beats = Beats (of drums or other percussion instruments). Breakbeats are present not only in the percussive arrangements of electronic music.

They are also widely used to compose songs of Rock, Hip Hop, and fusion music songs. Many musicians have been drawn to these irresistible and addictive drumming. The most popular Breakbeats that were copied, reproduced, altered and augmented, were extracted basically of the following classic songs:

“Amen Brother” – The Winstons-
“Funky drummer” – James Brown- “Apache”
– The Incredible Bongo Band-
“Impeach the President” – The Honeydrippers.

However, Breakbeats are used a lot in Jazz and Soul music. Being main element in the ethnic, African, Brazilian music and also rock fusion.

How did Breakbeats come to electronic music?

In 1973, Kool DJ Herc played with more emphasis, those parts of the songs that had “drums solos”. He chose them and extended them at will. For example, the percussion part “Funky Drummer” or “Apache” when extended, offered a unique opportunity on the track, so that the dancers called “B-Boys” can demonstrate their skills and acrobatics.

Do you remember Breakdance dancers? Well, they were waiting for the Breakbeat part to get into action. This way of percussion seizing that was quickly exported by other Djs, who in turn implanted it in England, Germany and the rest of Europe.

Drum solos

When these drum solos arrived in Germany, the Kraftwerk group reproduced them with electronic instruments, sending that sound back to the US, which eventually became one of the Electro Funk fundamentals, famous rhythm conceived within Rap music (Hip Hop culture). In the late 80s, “Electro Funk” mixed with “Techno” and emerged the “Hardcore Techno” or “Gabber”, both commonly known in some countries as Rave Music.

Breakbeats subgenera

* Jungle: uses Pitch shifting effects on the drums without altering their duration.
* Drum and Bass: more minimalist break than the Jungle and repetitive synthetic drums.
* UK Garage: incorporates artificial breaks and house music vowels.

Breakbeats styles also commonly called Breaks, only use a repetitive sample and the difference depends on the melody with which they are mixed. Finally their subgenres are:

– Progressive Breaks
– Nu Skool Breaks
– Tribal Break

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