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Busta Rhymes sent a Message to Donald Trump on Grammy Awards

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The performance of Busta Rhymes was held with the legendary group that has reborn with strength: A Tribe Called Quest, during The Grammy Awards Ceremony 2017. The collective published in 2016 their first album in two decades. Their song “We The People” has become in a chant against U.S President.

Busta Rhymes

“Thanks Mr. President, Orange Agent” he said. He also added that Mr. Trump has brought all evil to the United States of America. Busta stated that. His name became viral on Twitter. His statements also said that he wanted to “thank” the president for his unsuccessful attempt to ban Muslims in the US, he said that ironically.

The singers sand “We The People” and a series of o people, among them, many Muslim women wearing hijabs started to walk around the stage. Meanwhile, the musicians started to utter a word that is already part of the Anti-Trump vocabulary, “Hold on” They ended the performance with their fists held high. The former Black Power Greet. The video will pass to the history of the awards.

Orange Agent

The herbicide known as “Orange Agent” was part of the chemical war that U.S soldiers in Vietnam. It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of people died or suffered mutilations due to its us during the conflict, and around half a million people were born with malformations.

The color and its destruction capacity is what the rapper Busta Rhymes used to create an Anti-Trump message with the concept last night. The yellowish President’s hair, as well as his discriminatory policies served as inspiration to him.

Who is Busta Rhymes?

Born in Brooklyn (New York) in 1972, Busta Rhymes is the artist with the highest complexity, creativity, and humorous degree inside the Rap world. He makes a raga style, but he has his roots on the what iit is called old school.

In 1990, he formed “Leaders of the New School” influenced by Public Enemy and Eric B. They released two albums along with his colleagues, and featuring with everyone who wanted to perform with him. This is because he had his own African-Jamaican philosophy, as well as his unmistakable rapping way that forged him a very good reputation. Good samples of that are his appearances on A. Tribe, Called Quest, Mary J. Blige, and TLC’s albums.

All this before breaking the list as solo artist as Busta Rhymes, in 1.996 with the single Woo-Hah!! Got You All in Check, belonging to his debut album The Coming.

Supported with force provided by mass recognition, in 1997, he released When Disaster Strikes. This album went straight to number 3 on best-selling albums in USA that year.

His real name is Trevor James Smith Jr. He has received many awards and recognitions by the industry and his colleagues during his all career as a member of a band, as well as a solo artist.

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