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The most dangerous gangsta rappers in music

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Not everything in hip-hop refers to violence, guns, rejection by authorities, women and money. Today many of these references were left behind by some of its performers. However, we cannot deny that there still exist those belonging to the old school who claim, in their lifestyle, the essence of the streets, gangs and drugs. Do you want to know who we are talking about?

Well, here we show you Gangsta rappers who have made it clear that no one should mess with them


His story, unlike the others, is a bit bizarre. The rapper was sentenced for weapon possession after witnessing a shootout with other music stars of the industry such as JLo, P. Diddy and others. Surprisingly, for some, the only one that ended up with charges was Shyne.


DMX has managed during his career to add background with justice. his charges? weapon possession, animal abuse, drugs, robberies and some more for alcoholic driving. One of the rappers who has been through many conflicts.

Flesh N Bone.

Bone went to prison. This is something that almost all those fans of his music and the genre know, however, what many do not know, is the incident that he had after assaulting his mother in her head in 2010.

X- Raided.

If there is a dangerous rapper, it must be him. Currently in prison for first degree murder, X-Raided has been noted for being one of the most gang-related singers for being a member of one of them.


This guy also had gone to prison during ten years. He was locked up for kidnapping a drug dealer and asking for money in exchange for his ransom.

Steady B

After recording five albums in his career as a rapper and not being lucky, Steady B and his friends stole a bank. A fact that ended with a policeman killed and a life sentence for the singer.



This rapper was in prison for being a sexual danger. Yes, the authorities considered him after discovering that he pressured his hairdresser to practice oral sex with him and blamed her for having stolen a sum of money, a false accusation.

Remy Ma.

Who said there were no dangerous women too? Remy is a great example of this after receiving eight years in prison for having shot a “friend”. The reason? Apparently, the rapper suspected that she had stolen her money.


Murder’s story was the reverse of what we always hear. The rapper was not killed by a fan but, he himself killed one of them. A teenager who had traveled to see his show in Louisiana and after an argument, he ended up losing his life because of the singer.


Finally, another of the rappers of the moment who also had his season in prison. In his particular case, he did so for illegal possession of weapons and also possession of drugs on more than one occasion.

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