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Decadence in hip hop?

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In 2006, Nas was the first to say aloud an open secret: hip hop was going through one of the most delicate moments in its history. Even more delicate than the one that occurred the months following Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G’s murders. At the end of the day, after these two west coast rap kings died, the top artists of the moment, such as Snoop Dogg and Dr Dre on the west coast and, above all, Jay Z and Nas in the east.

decadence in hip hop

However, in 2006, neither Lil Wayne nor Kanye West were what they are today. Jay Z enjoyed his sabbatical stage in his early and handsome retirement, (although he would return to the game later that year). Dr Dre oversaw production. And Snoop Dogg had lowered his level too much.

Nas opened the gate.

That is why Nas opened the doors to the controversy when he publicly declared the name of his eighth album: Hip Hop Is Dead. But who was going to tell Nas that compared to what happens now, hip hop was more alive than ever. wasn’t it?

The statistics.

Many are the figures, many the sensations. There are many who point out that the hip-hop movement goes through low hours. The auto-tune, the easy lyrics, rappers wearing skirts … For many, rap is unrecognizable. First, and although the sales figures do not always say everything in terms of the music quality, it is inevitable not to point out how in recent years, the number of rap songs that were number one in the United States have been reduced considerably.

However, in the case of the albums the story changes a little. As the rebound of 2011 makes it impossible to speak of a clear downward trend in hip hop records sales.

But a genre does not only live on sales. And even less in these times, in which many countries still enjoy free access to almost the entire musical offer. Also, fans are the ones who support them attending the concerts and buying merchandising. And for both things you need to search the Internet.

Search the internet.

And this is where most notice the reducing importance of rap. Well, in recent years, the number of Google searches of words like “hip hop” or “hip hop culture” has dropped a lot.

The truth is that this tendency scares. And, objectively, we can talk about a supposed hip hop movement decadence. Beyond the eternal debate between commercial and underground, the fact is that the evolution that is taking rap in recent times brings brutal changes of aesthetics, sound and message.

But if we stop to think. When has, there been no brutal change in rap? Is the same sound Grandmaster Flash and Furious 5 as Run DMC, Nas, Jay Z, Lil Wayne or Nicki Minaj? Obviously not. Neither in lyrics nor in instrumental hip-hop today resembles that of past decades.

In fact, each decade is different from the previous decade. Well, who was going to tell Public Enemy, so accustomed to rhyming about soul and funk sampling in the 1980s and 1990s, that in the new millennium there would be an artist named Kanye West sampling people like Elton John, CAN And electronic and alternative music?

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