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Dirty South

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Dirty South comes as a reaction to the 1980s-hip hop culture in New York City and Los Angeles. After East Coast rap and West Coast is the third most influential sound. Many early rap artists from the South released their music independently or in mixtapes after encountering difficulties in obtaining brand registration contracts in the 1990s. By the early 2000s, many southern artists had achieved national success, and as the decade continued, the south became one of the most popular and influential of the genre.

How Dirty South emerges.

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, the American market for hip hop music was dominated mainly by artists from the East Coast and the West Coast. Los Angeles and New York were the two major cities, where hip hop was getting a lot of attention. In the 1980s, cities in the southern United States began to become popular with the hip-hop music movement.

The Ghetto Boys, a Houston hip hop group, were among the first hip hop artists from the southern United States to gain widespread popularity. The roots of hip hop in the South go back to the success of Ghetto Boys’ Grip it in another level in 1989, Rick Rubin produced “the Ghetto Boys” in 1990, and “we can’t be stopped” in 1991.

After the Geto Boys went up to stardom, Houston became the center of southern hip hop. Miami also played a major role in raising Southern Hip-Hop during this time with acts of success as 2 Live Crew and other artists who relied heavily on the Miami bass sound. At the end of the 80s, other rap groups such as UGK of Arthur, Texas, and 8Ball & MJG of Memphis, set their headquarters in Houston to promote their career from there.



During the 90s, Atlanta became a base for southern Hip Hop music. Bands like OutKast, as well as Goodie Mob were important in thrive South hip hop music. OutKast became the first band from the South that sold as many albums as other important rapper from the East and West coast.


In the early to mid-2000s, artists from across the South had begun to develop current fame with artists such as TI, Ludacris, Lil Jon, Young Jeezy from Atlanta, Trick Daddy and Rick Ross from Miami, Lil Wayne and Juvenile New Orleans and Memphis Mafia all become big stars during that time.

On the other hand, i 2004, OutKast won six Grammy Awards for his album Speakerboxxx / The Love Below. Including Best Album, while in 2006 members of the third 6 Mafia won the Academy Award for Best Original Song for “Hard Outside here for a pimp.” for Hustle and Flow, a Hollywood movie about a southern fictional rap artist.

In 2005, the Houston rap scene saw an emerge in mainstream popularity, and many Houston rappers began to gain audiences across the country, and the rest of the world, such as Paul Wall, Mike Jones, Chamillionaire, UGK, Lil ‘Flip, Slim Thug, Z-Ro, Trae, and many members of the Screwed Up Click.

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