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Dr. Dre still fears with Survivor Compton release

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Incredible but true, Dr. Dre still fears about the impact of Survivor Compton may have on his image. Since the first trailer of the Sony Pictures film, Survivor Compton, the rapper and producer Dr. Dre has felt strongly in disagreement over the way they portray it in the film.

It was so much his annoyance that even threatened Sony Pictures with a demand if they show the film. But a threat was not enough to prevent Sony from releasing Survivor Compton. As far as we can see in the film, the actions performed by Dr. Dre which is full of nasty scenes in which the rapper was criticized by all media and social networks.

Dr. Dre

Dre did his best to send warnings to the company about the actions for which he is accused the film.

This clearly affects the image of Dr. Dre

In the film, Survivor Compton, we can visualize him as a misunderstood man. Also, as a person trying to break free from the pressures in which he lived. A as described in Survivor Compton, it is more like a ruthless person who emotionally and physically abused people to fulfill his goals.

Although there was sympathy from those who saw the film, this was not entirely pleasant for Dr. Dre. The film has had well-accepted criticisms, in which it´s said that there are moments that are shocking and brutally honest of the past of several members of the hip-hop world.

Some details of the film:

  • Survivor Compton was released on October 15 of 2016.
  • It is said that Dr. Dre still has reasons to sue, regarding the film’s premiere.
  • In the trailer, we can see a scene in which Dre mistreats Michel’le by squeezing her neck. This has generated a lot of controversy.
  • In the letter that Dre sent to Sony Pictures, besides from the threat of the lawsuit, he also pointed out that he had never mistreated Michel’le.

Dr. Dre

The famous rapper who has been one of the greatest artists of rap is going through very dark moments in his career and in his personal life for everything that is projected in Survivor Compton.

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