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Dr. Dre threat Sony Pictures with a demand

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Many celebrities don’t take any importance of what people think or say about them. In the other hand, we can tell that some of them are very sensitive to this. Dr. Dre is one of them.

Particularly he has been showed very sensitive about the way that he was reflected in a movie. Showing a very clear dissatisfaction to this situation. As a result, the producer and rapper Dr. Dre threat with demand Sony Pictures, for his representation in the next biographical movie Survivor Compton.

Lifetime, Michel’le Toussaint y Sony Pictures are the responsible to shoot this biographical movie. It’ll be about the all relationship and ruthless encounters between the rappers Dre and Suge Kinight in the late 80’s.

One of the most outstanding topics of this film is the physical, verbal and psychological abuse between Dre and Suge Knight and the company R&B Divas: Los Angeles Stars. Also, in the trailer its shows a scene where the actor who plays Dr. Dre squeeze the neck of Michel’e, while both were in a TV studio.

Of course the rapper doesn’t like this scene at all. Dre sent a letter to Sony Pictures to ask them to suspend the emission of Survivor Compton. If they don’t accept this, he will demand the company. Also, he wrote that the abuse against Michel’le from him never happened, and she never told anything to the police. We can see how angry he is about it in his social Medias.

Dre is not far away from the scandals.

By the other hand, Dre has been accused for violence against women. Michel’le said in Vlad TV in 2015, that she was a quiet girlfriend who suffered from abuse in many moments. The rapper also had realized aggressions to other artists like Dee Barnes in 1991, who was at women’s bathroom and was stuck by the rapper.

Seems like, these charges against Dre for violence and others aggressions aren’t new. In the past he was already alleged by this. We can tell that the angriness of the rapper is mainly because for his new attitude. He is trying to make himself as name as a serious producer and businessman.



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