» » “El Corral de Cervantes” presents the theater of the Golden Age to Hip Hop rhythm

“El Corral de Cervantes” presents the theater of the Golden Age to Hip Hop rhythm

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“El Corral de Cervantes”, installed in the Cuesta de Moyano in Madrid. It continues its theatrical program with the presentation of ‘La Calderona’, a reinterpretation of classical theater through Hip Hop and Rap, and improvisation show ‘Nobody is giving him poison in laughter ‘.

El Corral de Cervantes

Of the shows premiered last week (‘The mirror of Don Quixote’, ‘And the dreams, dreams are’ and ‘The theater of the harp’), these premieres are incorporated in functions ‘golfas’, at 23.00 hours, to complement the programing.

David Ottone (Yllana) directs Pablo Paz, Natalia Calderón and DJ Hardy Jay in ‘La Calderona’, where he tells the story of a Golden Age character through hip hop and rap, in a kind of theater show. It will be exhibited from August 30 until September 21, every Wednesday and Thursday.

The installation is located on the Cuesta de Moyano

Impromadrid disembarks in Corral Cervantes with ‘Nobody was given poison in laughter’. Phrase of Lope de Vega that gives title to a work in which improvisers will create comic scenes where gentlemen, rogues, kings or servants will cross the predominant themes of the Century of Gold: the entanglements of love, honor, religion or the transience of life. It will be premiered on September 1 and will remain on the show until September 23rd, every Friday and Saturday.

In addition to these two premieres, continues the programming of ‘The Mirrors of Don Quixote’, Monday to Saturday at 9 pm. On Sunday, at 12.00 and 17.00 hours, ‘And dreams, dreams are’, Tropos Puppet Theater, will be the family proposal. In the afternoon, at 7:30 pm, Sara Agueda, will offer the concert of old music ‘The Theater of the harp’.

Corral Cervantes offers the possibility of being able to eat and drink during the performances, just like in the old corrals of comedies.

The price of the localities of the shows will be 12 euros for family members and 18 euros for the remaining ones (plus management fees in both cases); spectators attending more than one show may benefit from discounts.

The localities can be purchased at www.corralcervantes.com and at the box office of Corral Cervantes from one hour before the start of each function.

In addition to hosting El Corral Cervantes, the Cuesta de Moyano offers a large dining area with different gastronomic offerings, a vinoteca and an area where ice cream and juices are served. Which in the evening turns into a cocktail bar. In wooden huts, different craftsmen present their works next to a two-storey Venetian carousel.

These areas are open to the public and catering is available from 11.00 to 24.00. Every day of the week except Friday and Saturday which remains open until 1.30 am.

The Fundación Siglo de Oro organizes Fiesta Corral Cervantes, with the sponsorship of Idea and Junta de Castilla-La Mancha, and the collaboration of the Retirement District of the City of Madrid, Cuesta de Moyano Association, Smedia, The Numen Studio, Communication and Real Placement Botanical Garden.

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