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Favorite Rappers of your Favorite Rappers

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Have you ever thought about the records your favorite rappers like to listen to? Or the artists they have on their playlist? For those who spend their time listening to rap may have wonder that at least once. That is why we have made a list of the times some of them have mentioned their inspirations.

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Favorite rappers of your fav rappers


In an interview the legendary rapper from Detroit let us know that he could not make a list in order, but he did mention some names. He said that LL (Cool J) must be there. he also said that there are too many that are really good in what they do. Run-DMC, Beastie Boys, Kool G Rap, Big Daddy Kane, Treach.

Meek Mill.

He states that Nas is one of the best rappers in history, and he has everything he need at the time to record something on the studio. He finally pointed out he grew up by listening to “that guy”.


Although he seems to be between 2 rappers, Common finds what is the strongest point that defines his favorite.
He also agrees with Eminem that Nas is his favorite rapper, but he also declares that Jay Z is one of the biggest, and many can argue that, but Nas, according to his perception is very poetic with his lyrics. He finally finishes by saying that he could write something on a paper to know exactly that would last for a long time.

Wacka Flocka Flame.

Flocka comments a little of his great influences and the reason of each one. he said he liked Jay Z because he knew how to make money in this business. Nas (another one who mentions him) is someone who no one can “fuck” according to his own words. He also said that Tupac, because when he was a kid, he was living tough times and he identified with him. Biggie also is on his list because he was a great player, along with Gucci.

Pusha T.

King Push ensures that Big Daddy Kane is probably one of the floppiest and influential rappers. He declares that Big Daddy Kane released a record that probably made him say that he was his all-time favorite rapper, “the best”, he ended up saying. He finally finished by saying that he was better than Rakim, although the debate is open.

Jay Z.

Many admire Jay Z, but who does he admire? Well, according to what he said, Biggie is his favorite because of his ability to tell stories. He also points out his sense of humor, but at the same time he was very serious.


Another heavyweight, one of the legendary, we find interesting to know his favorite rapper by what he said in an interview that, “Too $ hort that’s my dog.” “I love that nigga.” “That’s my man.”

Nicky Minaj.

She said that she is obsessed with Jay Z and he is one of his favorite rappers. She points out that he has always been her favorite rapper along with Wayne.

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