» » Five of the richest Hip Hop artists according to Forbes!

Five of the richest Hip Hop artists according to Forbes!

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Five of the richest Hip Hop artists according to Forbes

In the world of show business, and music, there are always artists that stand out, because of the wealthy they become, thanks to selling millions of albums, sold out tickets to their concerts, marketing, and other businesses they have, due to the doors opened by big capital, and contacts in the wide range of other possibilities, besides music, like perfumes, clothes, restaurants, and more.

Therefore, hip hop artists would not miss this rule of become wealthy and rich, not being surprising, because of the industry surrounding, being identify by demonstrations of luxury, with expensive cars, big and extraordinary houses, and the life style itself, that they show every time they can, either in music videos, awards, or in the daily life, with the use of expensive clothes, almost becoming a culture in Hip Hop music, demonstrated even in the lyrics of many songs.

So, in direct relation to this life style, every year the Forbes magazine makes a list of the five richest artist of Hip Hop, according to all the different businesses they have, including music, records selling, and performance around the world.

The actual list

Five of the richest Hip Hop artists according to Forbes!

In fifth place, there is the Hip Hop singer, Drake, a young artist with a net worth of sixty million dollars, money that comes from his touring schedule, music, and marketing agreements with big companies of technology, shoes, and sodas, like Nike, Sprite, and Apple.

In fourth place, Birdman appears, with a fortune approximately estimated of one hundred and ten million dollars, because of being the owner of the record label called Cash Money (not by coincidence), having executive contracts with Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Tyga, and Drake himself.

In third place, there is a big Hip Hop singer, with years in the business, he is Jay-Z, having a net worth of six hundred million dollars, he can show off, about being the artist that earnings were the biggest this year, thanks to his streaming service Tidal.

In second instance, another veteran of Hip Hop, Dr. Dre has an estimated fortune of seven hundred million dollars. At present time, this wealth is the consequence of being the owner of a famous headphone brand.

And, in first place or the richest Hip Hop singer, there is Puff Daddy, with a net worth surpassing the eight hundred million dollars, having his own cloth line, the Bad Boy record label, and the Deleon Tequila.

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