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Frank Ocean and his virtual album release

Parc_336 23 de August del 2016 celebrities

After an impatient long waiting for Frank Ocean´s album, Boys Don’t Cry, well it’s finally out. The wait was worth it, as we expect, the project was drop by Apple music. In the fan account in Twitter, the fans started to post comments and reaction about the album and something that became viral, was the images of a woman covered in glitter, we still doesn’t know why, but it is what it is.

Frank Ocean

Those images were posted by the artist himself. The woman name is Cecilia Forbes. Another thing is the word Blonde, this word is show by all over the scenes of the video, it’s a clearly reference to Blonde Racing LLC the company which is hosting Ocean´s Boys Don’t Cry website. They are still mysteries about his album release.

Another thing is his debut video, Nikes. The official video of his album. This video makes his fans feel like they are in an alternative universe where Ocean keeps his world. Also with an emotional touch by including  A$AP Rocky holding a picture of A$AP Yams and Frank holding a picture of Trayvon Martin.

Frank Ocean

If you are looking for the full lyrics of this song you can find it in his Tumblr page. At least he´s giving little pieces of his new project time by time, keeping his fans hungry while they wait for new material.

Frank Ocean


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