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French Montana in Uganda

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French Montana has wanted to set a distance himself from mansions and luxury cars this time. He has chosen the African country of Uganda as the setting for his new music video. In music and pictures he is accompanied by one of the two brothers from the duo Rae Sremmurd, Swae Lee. In choreography, the group of dancers Ghetto Kids steal the protagonist.

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The video

He said that if you dance with the heart, the body will follow you. During the video, you can see a lot of that: kids dancing like real experts and rappers around them. The Ghetto Kids group is part of the meeting, with the NGO Triplets Ghetto Kids, which helps street children in Uganda to go to school.

About the song

French Montana is one of the most active artists lately. He has participated in very interesting songs, with very important featuring, but today, he surpasses all the aforementioned.

French released the audio of HIS track “Unforgettable” to celebrate HIS birthday, a song with a Caribbean style beat or dance hall, a chorus that simply envelops you and a few verses that set fire.

About French Montana

Karim Kharbouch known as French Montana was born in 1984 in Rabat, Morocco, he grew up in Casablanca where he lived during the first 13 years of his life. He described rap and football practice as his two favorite childhood pastimes.

French Montana is also often reported as having partial Somali ancestry. He was asked about the rumors during a telephone interview with Nomad Radio, a Somali radio station based in the United Kingdom, said his two parents were Moroccans, but that he has Somali ancestry as well.

In 1996, French emigrated with his parents and two younger siblings to the Bronx in New York.

His nickname

His stage name is a fusion of the French (from the French protectorate of Morocco). Montana (from the fictional Tony Montana in the film Scarface 1983)


In the period 2003-2004, the French Montana was shot in the head when he left a recording studio. He was taken to the hospital and survived. Describing the incident as a possible assassination attempt, the artist was subsequently involved in a murder trial in which he was found not guilty. Rumors began to swirl that he had received money from the settlement of the case, which he then used to start his career as a rapper.

City of Cocaine

He created the Cocaine Montana City DVD imprint as a means to showcase his talent as an underground artist and a new voice from the streets of New York. The international success of the DVD series helped propel French Montana’s rap career to a whole new level. Through the creation and production of the City of Cocaine.

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