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Google Celebrates 44 Years of Hip Hop with Interactive Doodle

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To celebrate, this August 11 marks the 44th anniversary of the birth of the Hip Hop movement from New York, USA. Therefore, the recognized Google search engine included in its homepage a Doodle with the great interactive load that besides telling the story of Hip Hop, invites you to become a virtual DJ.

Google Celebrates 44 Years of Hip Hop with Interactive Doodle

History of Hip Hop

Then, in the 80’s, with the development of technology and the emergence of electronic music, Hip hop embarked on a vertiginous path of promotion. However, he was still somewhat relegated by Rock, which in the 80s, with metal and Glam, achieved what would be one of its most splendid decades.

Until the 90, the Hip remained, basically in the sphere ‘underground’ in the United States. However, parallel to the development of electronic music, the genre, led by djs to all corners of the world. Also, it was the first time that a hip hop album reached the Top 10 of the list Billboard hot 100.

The Doodle

Fab 5 Freddy, is the character who acts as presenter of this Doodle. At the beginning, he gives a brief explanation of how Hip Hop emerged in 1973, and with a thematic setting to the time, Freddy mentions the styles that derive from Breakdancing, fundamental piece of this culture.

Among its ramifications are: The DJ-person in charge of placing the music, who in the beginning innovated the music by combining two discs used at par to give a different rhythm-, MC or master of ceremony-person who through Of lyrics adorns the musical track- Bboy or Bgirl -bancers of this style who are characterized by making dance steps defying gravity and using the floor as part of their movements, the Graff – in this case, is the art usually applied to Surfaces that use colorful and little stylized fonts. Usually, the author of this art is known as “graffitero” – and finally, fashion – distinguished by a style of wide and colorful clothes, sports shoes and accessories such as caps.

In this 44th celebration of Hip Hop, Google offers a fun game where users through two albums can create different musical mixes, alternating songs and playing with the speed of each.

Google maintains the custom of changing its logo based on the festive dates that are celebrated in specific days from the 30 of August of 1998. This variation of designs has the name of Doodle, which suggests particular options to the user in its search.

There are several influences of hip hop: soul, reggae, funk, disco, and blues; In addition to the oral tradition of African-American music in the United States. Taking elements of so many genres, since the late 1970s, Hip hop began to become popular among boys, first low-income, and then no longer mattered the economic position. Hip Hop had become the hymn of a whole generation.

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