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Hip Hop elements

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For some time, Hip Hop and specifically rap have had a rise and acceptance by the masses (mostly teenagers). We have seen how this new waves have become interested in this culture. Each of the traditions that make it up.

The thinking and beliefs of this new public have been cemented in the famous 4 hip hop elements, but is it true the 4 elements are part of Hip Hop?
Hip hop elements

Hip hop elements

The Hip Hop culture traditions are based on the aforementioned 4 elements. Each of these elements is represented in an artistic way.

• Musical: Djing and Mc’n
• Visual: Graffiti
• Dance: B-boying


From these 4 elements, there is one in particular that does not fit the time based on the birth of Hip Hop: Graffiti. Hip Hop begins with parties in the mid-70’s and Taki 183 (considered the first graffiti writer in history) began to tag the streets of New York in the 60’s. So, why is it considered one of the Hip Hop elements? Bambaata decided that he would call Hip Hop to the parties that were made in those years, but neither he nor any of his acquaintances practiced Graff.

For some years now it has been known that I include this discipline to adorn his speeches and to add adherents to his movement. In 1982 Fab 5 Freddy and Charlie Ahern created the film Wildstyle, located NY at the beginning of the 80s, starring Lee Quiñones (a well-known graffiti writer during that time), implied that graffiti, raps, break and djing were part of the same genre.


The b-boy began in the mid-60s with “good foot” a form of dance of that time named in that way by a James Brown’s recording. This form of dance that gives rise to the “breakin” begins when someone begins dance steps performed on the floor.

This style is developed in conjunction with MC and DJing on the United States East Coast, but in California at the same time is developing another style of dance that will merge with the b-boying of the east coast in the mid-70s. This style of dance became known as “Electric Boogie”. The “electric boogie” has different styles but the one that originates it is the dance of the robot.


DJing Hip-Hop culture was born with DJ Kool Herc, in a way very close to the MC he had created. The Jamaican MC style is with Jamaican music, called Dee Jaying or Toasting. In Jamaican music since the 70s there is the “dub”, based on this he created a way to lengthen the “break parts”. Also instrumental percussion parts of the records.


they are people whose occupation was to encourage the public in parties where the music was punctured by a DJ. Currently, they are rap music singers. The term comes from Master of Ceremonies

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