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Hip Hop and Money

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When it comes to Hip Hop, music is not only the most relevant. Thousands of artists of this genre have raised billions of dollars thanks to their image, music or interviews given to viewers. Their macros concerts also serve to raise thousands of dollars. Today we will mention at least 5 artists who have known to take advantage of his fame to have a great presence in the global world of Hip Hop and money.
Hip hop money

These artists are not in a specific position, they will simply be nominated because they are artists who have had a reputation in Hip Hop music in the last years and who have also been able to earn monetary gains that in many cases surpass 1 million dollars.


We started this list with one of the most relevant Hip Hop artists in recent times. Born in Cuba, Pitbull is an artist who fled from his homeland to settle in Miami and become a Hip Hop idol at the level of the United States and Latin America. His thousands of collaborations with the great personalities of the music as well as his appearances in the Cinemas it raise about $ 11 million.
This United States artist is positioned in great with his Hip Hop songs of the last times. Although it has not released an album in the last decades if it has been able to take advantage of its previous profits investing in the alcohol industry having a Cognac under its name. He has performed in such famous films as Fast and Furious and his profit is close to 12 million dollars.


Birdman is a very old artist who has been able to take advantage of his fame thanks to the thousands of dollar gains he has received from them. He currently has a record label under his name called Cash Money Records, where he takes new artists to record his songs. Birdman’s earnings are estimated at $ 21 million.

Nicki Minaj

This Trinitarian artist traveled to the United States when she was only 3 years old. Thanks to his great charisma and unique talent for dancing and singing, he managed to position himself in the world of Hip Hop music. He has collaborated with other renowned artists such as David Guetta and his earnings are estimated to be between 27 million and 29 million US dollars.

Jay Z

This American rapper is one of the most renowned within the Hip Hop culture. The collaboration with Linkin Park is one of the most sounded within the radio channels of US. Thanks to this his fame has been catapulted to the top. This in combination with its multiple companies that has founded over the years have meant a large monetary gain of 43 million USD.

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