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Hip Hop music combined with Rap and Rock

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Hip hop music is a popular genre in recent years. Thanks to this musical genre we have seen artists such as Snoop Dogg, Ice-T, Run DMC and more. It is a musical genre that combines R&B, Rap, Street Dances and more, also have great combinations with other musical genres, being one of the most famous rap/rock.

Rap hip hop music

This musical genre was born in the late 80’s, has been growing in popularity. Being in the middle of the 90 and mid of the 2000 where it reaches its greater time of success. In this article we are going to explore the beginnings of the genre, its great songs, its great bands and the future that has this musical genre.

Hip Hop Music with Rap and Rock – Origins

Rap / rock was born from the combination of rap movements of the time. Great artists like Cypress Hill, Public Enemy, Run DMC and others were becoming very popular within American music. Like any boom that reaches the top, the great rap artists wanted to expand the horizons of their music by combining with other musical genres. One of those combinations was with modern rock.

One of the first to do this combination was Run DMC in collaboration with Aerosmith for the song “Walk this Way”. Thanks to the success of this song, it began to popularize this new genre. But it would not be a great cultural impact until the rap band Public Enemy made collaboration with Anthrax for the song Bring the Noise where the new youth of that time enjoyed listening to those songs.

Since then, great bands have emerged that have lent their talents so that great personalities of rap make a splendid combination that combines rarity with well-executed guitar chords.


Among the most important bands within this genre we have Rage Against The Machine, a great 90’s band that combines Zack de la Rocha’s rapper with the musical chords of a metal band. There are also bands like Korn, in which they make many rapid songs in combination with big percussions, guitar chords and electric bass touches. Another band characterized by this genre is Cypress Hill, this band combines a lot of rap songs and several urban styles among which rock stands out. Cypress Hill has had collaborations with Slash and Alter Bridge.

Future in the Musical Industry

The future of the music industry within what can be highlighted in the genre of rap / rock is very promising. The big record companies in the United States have confirmed that they are going to make big records with respect to this musical genre. Major record companies have contracted with bands such as Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, among others.

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