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Hip Hop only for “nerds”

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Hip hop is a musical style that has thousands of followers, and hundreds of performers around the world. And, apparently, some of them are also techies. That is why some musicians decided to give a twist to the genre, and adapt it to the world of “geeks” (technology enthusiasts, and science fiction, according to the dictionary) and “nerds” (intelligent but unsociable people, according with the dictionary). That is how the nerdcore was born.

hip hop only for nerds

“Nerdcore is just like any other hip hop style, but considerably less cool,” says MC Frontalot, who is considered as one of the founder fathers of this music movement. According to the musician, the topic of the songs differs from those that are heard in traditional hip hop.

Video games rap and science fiction

Topics include video games, science fiction, dungeons and dragons, but the deeper themes also look at alienation, paragon and feeling like a social misfit. This basically the description of this sub-genre. It is also said that, being a real nerd is related to childhood.

A nerd is obviously someone who grew up conditioned to think that he did not have the ability to fit socially. However, those who are part of the genre make it clear that not all geeks are created equal.

One of his first few singles referred to the tendency to assume that all geeks have the same interests. It means that they may not watch the same tv series, play the same video games, or read the same comics.

Increasingly nerd

MC Madhatter McGinnis, another nerdcore artist, simply believes that being a geek is becoming something established. He said that in his personal opinion, it is not the nerdcore is getting bigger, but that the world population is becoming more nerd.

However, something that in this genre occurs just like in traditional rap is that female rappers are a minority.

Nerdcore is not something new. In fact, the term was coined by MC Frontalot 10 years ago and has international festivals.


The nerdcore does not have a unified musical sound, and the sound varies widely from MC to MC. A common song, especially in the early days of the genre, is sampled music. MC Frontalot addresses this directly in his song “Good Old Clyde”. An acknowledge to Clyde Stubblefield for the Break Music “Funky Drummer” – which was sampled to provide the rhythm of the song.

Nerdcore sampling sources vary from Vanilla Ice (“Ninja Rap”, sampled in “Bad (dd) Runner” by Mc Chris) to Mozart (“Rondo Alla Turca” in Mc’s “Computer Science for Life” Plus + Nerdrap Entertainment System by YTCracker is an entire album made primarily with sampled 8-bit games from Nintendo.

Although some artists have failed to do this. Frontalot, for example, completely remixed several songs to remove unclear sampling before marking them on his 2005 album Nerdcore Rising. It remains common, since most of the nerdcore tracks do not Are commercially made and therefore attract little or no attention from the RIAA.

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