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Hip Hop’s Most Prominent Artists

Emily 26 de November del 2016 celebrities
Who hasn’t heard of Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Eminem, and many others? Although they are very popular and many people’s favorites, sometimes we get bored of listening to the same singer over and over again. Sometimes we want a fresh new song or voice to hear.

Lately, there have been a few rising stars that are definitely worth checking out. Who knows? You might end up ditching your old favorites and becoming a fan of a new one.

Rising stars in the hip hop scene

This list will show some of the artists that have called the attention of many.

  • Zara Larsson. This young Swedish singer debuted back in 2012, when she posted her single “Uncover” on YouTube and it went viral. Thanks to this, she was able to perform at the Nobel Prize Awards in 2013. And after a couple of years, her second single “Lush Life” was released, selling over 240,000 copies. Then in September 2015, she debuted her second single, “Never Forget You” on a BBC program. This caused her to enter the Top 5 singles in the UK. So far, that song has sold over 3 million copies. And her latest song, “Ain’t My Fault”, was released September 2, 2016 and uploaded to YouTube the same month by Vevo. It reached over 30 million views in less than a month.
Zara Larsson prominents

  • Dua Lipa. She debuted in 2015 with “New Love”. However, it wasn’t very popular. It was her second single “Be The One” that made this British composer and singer enter the Top 20s in several European countries and in Australia. Following with “Hotter Than Hell”, which was one of the most popular songs last summer. It only takes listening to one of her songs to know she’s got potential. 2017 should be a good year for Dua Lipa, too.
Dua Lipa prominents

  • Alessia Cara. During her early career, she sang acoustically on YouTube, slowly getting more involved in the field until her first single, “Here”, was released through Def Jam in 2015. MTV said the song is meant for everyone who secretly hates parties, and it accumulated over 500,000 views during its first week. The song was catalogued as a song that must be heard by many magazines and was nominated for the Streamy Awards. We certainly hope to hear more from her in the future.
Alessia Cara prominents

  • Halsey. Ashley Nicolette Frangipane is an American writer and singer. She began her career by the age of 18 when she started singing in several cities across the US using different names. It was later on when she decided to go by the name of Halsey, because it is an acronym of her name and also the name of one of the streets she lived in when she was growing up. She posted a song on SoundCloud called “Ghost” and it attracted quite the crowd. After several meetings with record labels, she decided to sign a contract with Astralwerks. In 2015, her debut album “Badlands” was launched.
Halsey prominents

  • Lion Babe. An American duo made up of Jillian Hervey and Lucas Goodman. It would seem they were fated to be together. Getting to meet through a friend, the duo began working together due to a dance piece Jillian Harvey had to do. This led them to talk about her singing, eventually ending up forming the duo they are now. They became famous after the release of “Treat Me Like Fire” back in 2012, and after a few years released a second single called “Jump Hi”. The song managed to get to the Top 10 on Billboard Twitter Emerging Artists. After their success, they began working on their first album, released early 2016.
Lion Babe prominents

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