» » This is how 2Pac met Notorious B.I.G according to movie “All Eyez on Me”

This is how 2Pac met Notorious B.I.G according to movie “All Eyez on Me”

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The date is already confirmed, it will premiere matching with the artist’s birthday, on June 16. Now, the new trailer has also been released and the thrill continues to increase. This is the biopic of rapper 2pac All Eyez On Me. The promotional video that just spread collects several moments of life and career of the artist, among them, when he met his partner and then rival Notorious B.I.G.

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The portrayal

Actor Demetrius Shipp Jr. plays Tupac, while Jamal Woolard plays the role of Notorious B.I.G. both have tremendous similarities on their physical characteristics. They know their roles quite well. The first one is a Pac’s friend son; The second one portrayed the musician in his biographical film.

Things in common between 2Pac and Notorious

Tupac and Notorious B.I.G. are the two most representative hip hop singers par excellence in the 90s, and both also have in common a tragic ending in their lives. We know details in the way of how they died, on the new trailer about 2Pac, All Eyez on Me, we are going to see how to meet each other.
All Eyez on Me was the last Pac’s album when he was alive, and includes the well-known track “California Love”. The film has been directed by Benny Boom, and the trailer can be seen on the most sites on internet, and even on movie theaters.

Rivals and Friends

When Notorious started on the hip hop world in 1993, Tupac considered him a good rapper, he then invited him to open his shows. During that time, Notorious B.I.G was an unknown rapper. In 1994, Tupac gave him a lot of pieces of advice to survive on the rap game. During that time, 2Pac was part of the Thug Life.

Tupac let Biggie perform at his gigs, but when 2pac shouted Thug Life, Biggie said he hated Brooklyn. He then met Puffy and he said he was with a real “nigga” Tupac got mad when B.I.G left Thug Life, but he was always his friend. Things changed on November 1994 for both rappers. Tupac and his friends were in New York in a Recording Studio. B.I.G and Puffy arrive to the studio, they shot him and stole more than $40.000 in jewelry. Luckily, Tupac survived to the attack, but he accused Notorious and Puffy of this smuggling.

Puffy Diddy

Tupac was 100% sure that Puffy was behind the robbery and the shooting made in 1994 in the Recording Studio. Puffy has always denied all the allegations. Yet, Tupac believed that P. Diddy along with Bad Boy Records Staff knew about the attack, but they did not say anything. 2Pac made fun on Puff on the track Hit’ em Up.
Today, both rappers are death, so we cannot infer what would have ended up.

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