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Incredible! Hip Hop singer gives away scholarships

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Incredible! Hip Hop singer gives away scholarships

Sometimes, wealthy people from different fields in the society want to help, and provide the less lucky ones, with benefits they think can achieve something, and support a few to get a better life, or a financial assistance that may people may need, regarding too many expenses, and no money to cover them all. What was said before, can be carried out, with regular things done by rich people, like charity events, or anonymous donations, being a little rare other more inclusive methods, which is exactly what this Hip Hop artist wants to do.

In the same order of ideas, the name of this artist is Rick Ross, which of course, his field of work is the music, but coming with an idea of helping, a little bit far from what he does. To explain this in a better way, this Hip Hop signer have been named one of the “Cash Kings”, by the Forbes magazine that calculates his fortunate over nine million dollars, and a few days ago Rick has an idea, and expressed it online, where he says he wants to dedicate some of his money, to other things different from making parties, and buying jury, he wants to give away scholarships to students.

Details about this good cause

Incredible! Hip Hop singer gives away scholarship

So, in details, Rick Ross will collaborate with the Wingstop foundation, an initiative from the franchise of restaurants with the same name, and the scholarships would have as a gold, to help students with limited resources, and also employees from the franchise, for them to keep studying, in case of having stopped their school.

In the same way, this information has been provided by the singer himself, online, and on a interview with the Bossip magazine, where he explains in a more detail way: “we see the numbers about scholar abandonment, and it is known by almost everybody, so, what we can do?”, he says to the magazine.

At present time, more details on how these scholarships are going to be given is unknown, or when they are going to start, but Rick Ross, and the Wingstop franchise want to begin with this idea right away, demonstrating a very good faith, and a valuable help to students that really need this resource, in order to finish their studies, which can be very expensive for the majority of the people, but not for this Hip Hop singers who wants to help in a great, and unselfish way.

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