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Jah’sta and its new album

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After several years of failed attempts, finally the spanish group of rap and hip hop, Jah’sta, will release their digital album. The release will be by the end of this year. The news has been spread within their twitter account, facebook and instagram in the Caul you see the huge reception by the fans for the new digital album that will be released this year.

Jah’sta and its new album

Let’s remember that this Spanish group, Jah’sta, is one of the most famous reggae rap and hip hop groups of the last years. It’s their music, their lyrics and their way of performing at concerts that make thousands of fans love them year after year.

Jah’sta Early years

This band is originated from the city of Zaragoza, Spain. The band was formed by a group of friends who wanted to promote their way of thinking and feeling to the world through reggae music, rap and hip hop. This band was founded in 1995. By the groups of friends mentioned above. The topic of their first albums were about gender violence, street violence, murder and community problems.

This group of reggae rap has a very good concept of companionship and perseverance. Their first musical albums were self-managed and published by themselves. Also with the economic help of friends and family. Their records have transcended the borders of Spain and have reached places like Western Europe and all South America. Their concerts are usually for a beneficial way. To help the community and for promotion of their different albums.

These albums are usually accompanied by bass, many electric and acoustic guitars. And of course by the rhythm of rap and hip hop. So their musical style is one of the most complex within the concept of reggae music, rap and hip hop. However, Jah’sta have had collaborations with numerous Spanish artists who have been able to identify with the moral and ethical principles of the band, as well as their social aids within the community.


They have a total of 5 albums and in their next delivery they will be make a digitally album to collaborate with the environment. Thus to promote the technological advances that exist on the internet. This new musical album will have great inspiration by the current problems such as terrorism, racism, social and economic freedom. The problems of corrupt politicians and the new world order.

They are also going to put in touch with the problems of the poorest communities.The immigration, the treatment of emigrants as well as a new rap style that is very personal and more creative than in their previous works. This new album will go on sale at the end of this year 2017. It does not have a definitive name for the musical album. But we know that for the trajectory of this legendary band, it will be a cool name and a lot of rap.


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