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Jay Z Political Activism

Emily 4 de November del 2016 celebrities
Jay Z will give a concert for Hillary Clinton in Cleveland, Ohio days before Election Day. The candidate for the Democratic campaign said this Tuesday that the hip hop artist will perform on November 4 and he will add several special guests.

Jay Z was a very active member of Barack Obama’s campaigns in 2008 and 2012. Jennifer Lopez, Jon Bon Jovi and Katy Perry will also do shows for Clinton during the next two weeks.

Lopez will be part of a show in Miami to encourage voting for Clinton in Florida. Meanwhile, Bon Jovi will lead concerts in Pittsburgh on Thursday and in Tampa on Friday. The same day, Katy Perry will perform in Philadelphia.

Jay Z history of political participation

Along with his superstar wife Beyoncé, this musician and producer has been a very strong supporter of Barack Obama since he ran for president in 2008. They were in charge of collecting money for the re-election campaign in 2012.

The reports indicated they could raise up to $4 million and both artists used their Twitter accounts very often to show their unconditional support of the president. Even Obama has said he considered the couple as personal friends and he had given some parenting advice to Jay Z. The president said once as a joke, “Jay Z and I have wives that are even more famous than us.” A comment that Jay Z could not help laughing out loud.

Jay Z political activism

In 2008, Jay Z also took part in Obama’s first campaign, but not with that strong devotion he would show during the second campaign in 2012.

Now, he has decided to support Hillary Clinton. Maybe persuaded by his close and old friend Barack, or just because he sees Mrs. Clinton as someone with the same ambitions, visions and convictions he saw in Mr. Obama. Or perhaps he is a truly Democrat supporter who always will be there, no matter who is running for president.

Other celebrities who have joined the political campaign

Some of us remember Frank Sinatra being an active member of Kennedy’s campaign, or Mary Tyler Moore on Jimmy Carter’s defense of women’s rights. Political campaigns have not changed much, but the way they are doing right now has. All the social media all over the world such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat.

Other celebrities that have shown their enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton are Katy Perry, who even got naked to show how involved she is in Clinton’s campaign. Others include three-time Academy Award winner Meryl Streep, Morgan Freeman and the “Queen of TV” Oprah Winfrey.

But one of the most important supporters, and among the most controversial, was the queen of pop. Madonna said she would give a “blow job” for everyone who votes for Clinton. Obviously, that went viral very quickly.

There are also other artists who asked support from the African-American community for Clinton, through a video made by movie producer Lee Daniels. You can see actress Gabourey Sidibe from the film “Precious”, who says that violence and nasty rhetoric against humanity is “unacceptable” if Trump wins.

What about Trump?

The multimillionaire Republican candidate has received strong support from unexpected celebrities. For example, former boxer and heavy-weight champion Mike Tyson. He said that the businessman has to be the next President of the United States.

KISS singer Gene Simmons said that Trump “is good for the political system”. He also strongly supports the idea of building a wall on the American border with Mexico. The protagonist of the TV series Stacey Dash has been one of the fiercest defenders of the Republican candidate.

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