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Jay-Z wants to dedicate a song to his wife?

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Jay-Z felt into loving despair by creating a music album dedicated exclusively to Beyonce. The album that is titled 4:44 is a conceptual album in which it tells its history from beginning to end. About the relation with her. This new musical album is based on forgiveness, reconciliation and the suffering of being alone without his beloved Beyonce.

This new album came out last November 2016 and until now has gone unnoticed by the worldwide musical hearing. Because it is an album “very personal and very conceptualized in only one thing: the break with beyonce.” For the musical critics, they are considering it as a minor album and that it is not worth spending their money on.

Jay-Z and Beyonce

Jay-z is a famous rap artist. So much is his fame that he is considered as one of the founding fathers of the new generation of rap and hip hop. His music is a surprising mix of urban rhythms, rap, hip hop, reggae. Also electronica and many other genres of music that are currently heard on radio and concerts.

Beyonce on the other hand is a famous artist. She has become very popular within the youths of different parts of the world. This artist has been recognized within the world of music as one of the most influential in contemporary pop, along with musical artists such as Rihanna, Katy Perry, among others.

Their relationship began in the middle of this decade. At first it was all very well for the two of them. However, in recent months they have had several problems within their love affair. They finally broke their love affair and since then the rapper artist Jay-Z has plummeted as far as his musical quality in comparison to Beyonce that she has raised her musical quality

In recent months Jay-z has been depressed by his breakup of his love affair with Beyonce. That is why he creates this new musical album where he expresses his love, his forgiveness and the early amorous reconciliation between both parties. The album I just mentioned has a concept that goes from love to breakdown and the emotional void left behind.


Even though the 4:44 rap and hip hop music album is musically appealing. Musical lyrics are not so much, as it is more for a person and more for himself than for his beloved fans who have long wanted Jay-z’s return to musical life.

It is also worth mentioning that the album has interesting lyrics that can be heard over and over again. But this album has become an ups and downs for rap-hip hop artist Jay-z. The  critics do not value it as much compared to the other albums of music of Jay-z

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