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Justin Bieber loves his fans as much as ever

Emily 6 de November del 2016 celebrities

Justin Bieber is proving that his love for the fans is as strong as ever

Recent events indicate that the singer and performer is all but done with his fans and has shown his keen appreciation for them over the last weeks. However, it was reported that he was at a very different place not too long ago.

During his recent performances in the UK, Justin Bieber has been showing signs of being exhausted both mentally and physically, and rumors have spread about how he’s been feeling isolated from his family, friends and fans. Still, he has also shown gestures of appreciation to his fans for their constant support, claiming that in fact he’s trying to reconnect with them.

After a successful episode with the MTV’s AMA awards, winning both best song and best fans, there has been some talk about canceling his current tour, which goes by the name of “Purpose”. Justin has complained in his shows about the constant screaming of his fans not letting him speak during the breaks of his songs and has even shown his contempt on these occasions.

The reality is that the long trips, constant rehearsals and tight schedules are probably getting the best of him. Adding to that, being away from his family and feeling that his own fans don’t even want to listen to him open up about it.

Justin Bieber

Well, if you don’t wanna listen… *drops mic*

Justin has tried to explain himself during these episodes. He’s trying to relate back to his audience, since he feels that they’ve lost their interest in the person and  now are just interested in the product.

This is, of course, understandable. You can call it being a brat, unstable, disrespectful, etc. The thing is, he’s in a position where his artistic license also gives him the option of expressing this concern to his fans during shows, and they are in turn free to listen or keep screaming madly.

In fact, we can think of another iconic pop group that also had to forget about performing live due to screaming fans: The Beatles. It is a well known and confirmed rumor that the Liverpool super group stopped performing shows out of frustration because during these live concerts they couldn’t even listen to themselves playing. Their answer was to quit performing live altogether and dedicate their energies into making amazing studio albums. Justin Bieber tried to talk about it with the fans mid concert, but it ultimately resulted in his hopes running into a wall of loving screams. In Manchester, when he started to explain how he was feeling during a break between songs, the audience started booing and screaming at some point, making the singer drop his microphone and walk back stage.

It’s not too late to say “Sorry”

Well, Justin Bieber isn’t as dramatic and moody as everyone seems to believe now, and he came back to the stage to explain his reaction. You can see it all on video. And we can also see that the fans are madly screaming at him still. So while he was still trying to make his point, it was of no use really. Finally, he gave up, saying that if they just wanted to hear him sing that was ok too, that he was just trying to connect but it isn’t necessary, ending it with a little sour note, saying that maybe it was asking too much from the audience.

Ok, he’s a little dramatic. But that’s ok with us and the rest of his fans. After all, he has stated he’s not a robot and sometimes he will behave and react in ways that are not always proper, and the fans seem to not have a problem with that as long as he performs. Actually, recently we have seen Justin giving red and pink roses to his fans outside of a nightclub in London in a show of appreciation for their dedication after his October 15th performance in the city. In the same vein, he played an improvised and intimate show in Toronto in a pub where he was just sitting watching a game.

Seems like he was in the mood and dropped five songs right in the spot playing just piano. His fans enjoyed a very special surprise, and even the owners took care of the singer’s tab in the light of his generous impromptu performance.







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