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Kanye and his mouth is at the roll again

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Kanye and his mouth is at the roll again

The famous rapper ins known for three things, being a god rapper who has sold a lot of records, having the finest of the Kardashians on his behalf, and having a mouth that seriously needs to be taken into control, he has compared himself in several times, to artists, that in the first place, have nothing in common with him, and most importantly they are loved people in the wold this giving him the known fame of a plain trash talker.

He compared to the one and only Freddy Mercury, whom we believe shrieked its bones, and heavenly spirit when desecrating himself trying to sing notes that he simply had nowhere near in his rank, with all do respect, rappers rap! Freddy Mercury had even opera and lyric training towards his voice, well back then he upset a whole lot of people, messing with the dead is not a cool thing to for anyone, now wants to make a do over of the same scenario.

As it turns out the rapper told Ellen Degeneres that he wants to become the next Michael Jackson common dude are you really saying this kind of things out in the open? –Kim Kardashian the other day said my husband’s tweets should be reviewed before posting by a board of professionals we cannot do anything else, but simply agree with her, there is no way that this guy does not have any idea on what he is saying.

Kanye and his mouth is at the roll again 2

Touching Icons has never been a good thing for anyone, some people are to be left alone, and claiming oneself into the biggest heaviest crown of pop, is no joke to mess about, one thing is to have a lot of love and appreciation for the man and letting it show in your performances much like Justin Timberlake at his beginning where he was criticized with the close appearance that he had to the performer, and rather of being an insult it was considered more of a tribute.

Kaney west has made himself one of the biggest artists of the media but he has to be careful about it. While not being this throne full of having a nice selling department with a nice character to love, the equation into the matter is simply going o crack somewhere along the way, due to a lack of balance, and people get fed up with attitudes too fast.

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