» » Kanye West is out of the mental hospital after 10 days

Kanye West is out of the mental hospital after 10 days

Emily 7 de December del 2016 celebrities
Kanye West has been under too much pressure and work due to his 2016 Tour called “Saint Pablo”. And as a result, he has suffered from psychological unbalance, so much so that he had to be committed to a mental hospital in LA, where he spent 10 days.

He is famous for being the husband of the second oldest Kardashian sister: Kim Kardashian. But mostly for being one of the most important rap singers today. As we all know, Kim is a very famous American model, television personality from the reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”, and entrepreneur directing many businesses geared toward the beauty industry. The married couple has two kids together: daughter “North” and son “Saint”. Anyway, Kim was concerned about her husband because it was thought that he would spend Christmas in that cruel place and not with the family, especially with their children.

Kanye was even thinking about recording music in his room hospital and required music recording equipment. His own personal doctor, Michael Farzam, was recommending the Kardashians to leave him there for at least a month. Of course, the purpose would be to stabilize him. This means that maybe he is not totally well in terms of his sanity.

However, Kim was the first one to make him leave the medical center. She committed to take care of his medical treatment by herself at home. And it seems to be that she is doing it just fine, since we have not heard about Kanye in the last few days.

Kanye West is out from mental hospital after 10 days

Kanye West is out from mental hospital after 10 days!

There is something else that’s curious about this news. Regarding Kanye and his loss of mental faculties and confused babble, he was saying that Jay Z wanted to kill him, that in case of being wounded by any weapon, call 911. Isn’t this paranoia? Why would Jay Z want to kill Kanye West? Isn’t he his mentor? He definitely never would know. What came out from Kanye’s mind? He was even stating that he is carrying a curse, put on him for being married with a Kardashian.

So we ask ourselves, which type of curse is Kanye West talking about? Isn’t being married with a Kardashian lady the dream of any man nowadays? Could this be a sign of an unhappy marriage? Or maybe he is still too worried about his wife’s robbery in Paris?

Anyway, we are glad to know that Kanye is back home for Christmas. And we are especially  waiting for him to go back on stage after his hospitalization. Also, we hope that his doctor isn’t right about his first prescription so Kanye can keep enjoying good health at home with his family.

After all, anyone might have a breakdown due to being overwhelmed with work. And much more when you have too many responsibilities that cost millions if you make a single mistake. Especially if it is made in Hollywood, since living in big cities makes people more hectic, and Los Angeles is not the exception.

The future of Kanye’s tour

Now with this setback in Kanye West’s life, and in spite of 21 of his concerts being canceled as a result, “Saint Pablo Tour” promises to be a successful gig that you cannot miss. If you need to free your mind and you are living in big cities such as Washington, Toronto, Boston, Brooklyn, Philadelphia and other stressful cities, attending to one of Kanye’s concerts will make you release tension. And it will be worth it to see how Kanye is doing after being in a mental hospital for 10 days. All while singing his best tracks like “Candy Shop”.

Even “50 cent” has an eye on his buddy’s condition. Aren’t you going to do the same?






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