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KRS One assures he can’t make money on Hip Hop in USA

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Hip Hop legend KRS One says that even though he lives by singing even composing rap songs. He states that there is a lack of respect in American Hip Hop. The MC from Bronx, New York began by claiming that being a part of the United States was never a target for those of his generation, so it states that Hip Hop is more accepted by the government in places like Switzerland.


He claims that African-American parents were requesting with their hands and knees being part of The United States. He said that they have never been part of that nation. He also assures that he cannot make money in his country due to the lack of respect by the politicians. That is why he always travels around the world, especially to Switzerland where he feels much better and he can make money in a place the government tolerates Hip Hop as a part of art.

The word

The rapper also talked about one of the Hip Hop founders, Afrika Bambaataa. He claims that Bambaataa is He is a unique author during the cultural existence of Hip Hop. One says that people call him an architect of Hip Hop culture because he made it popular. For him, Afrika Bambaataa is one the greatest performers of Hip Hop of all time. That is why he feels that the lack of respect by the system in his country makes him question about what others have done for this art expression.

A brief biography

KRS-One was born as Lawrence Krisna Parker on August 20th, 1965 in Bronx, New York. He is an African-American hip hop singer with Jamaican background. During his career, he has also known by different nicknames, Kris, Parker, KRS-One, The Blastmaster and The Teacha. KRS-One is an acronym of “Knowledge ´R’eings ‘S’upreme ‘O’ver ‘N’early ‘E’veryone.” His is a very remarkable figure on Hip Hop community, and many artists and critics consider him as the representation of MC essence, as well as one of the best rappers in Hip Hop history.

He is an original member of Boogie Down Production, and he is known for singing social problems in his lyrics.

KRS One first recordings

Along with DJ Scott “The Rock”. They met during a stay KRS-ONE had in Bronx “The Armory Avenue” Franklin Housing, The Rock (real name Scott Sterling) worked as a social worker there. The duo would begin to create music. After being rejected by radio DJs “Mr. Magic” and “Marley Marl”, KRS-ONE would go to the dissertation about the two, and the people related to them, provoking what would later be known as Star Wars Bridge.

KRS-One, demonstrating his nickname “The Blastmaster”, gave a live performance that devastated MC Shan. Many acknowledged that he had won the battle. Many believed this live performance to be the first MC battle where each rapper another attack, rather than a battle between those who can reach the hyped crowd.

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