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Kylie Jenner is moving on

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There is nothing wrong in moving on the people have stated for many years now, sometimes we get it right away sometimes we do not get it right away, but well when you are young learn of the process of moving on has to be a very fast pace thing to do, Kylie Jenner has apparently moved on from his long relationship with the rapper tyga.

Just a couple of days ago the rapper was spotted outside of a Beyonce’s show in good hands, and the words started going back and forth with a lot of gossip into it especially from Miss Kylie Jenner, apparently the Kardashian did not liked at all the actions and went off to her Snapchat account and left a video with a clear intention. An Image says a thousand words

To this the rapper Tyga claimed that he only had love for his ex as he stated this to the paparazzi by saying sometimes things are not meant to be while he seems to be having fun for the moment with Atlanta Hip Hop Karlie Redd and they seem to be cool, leaving aside the apparently troublesome relationship with the Kardashian.

Kylie Jenner left the intention of calling him a liar and a cheater, and has apparently as well moved on with also a rapper, Partynextdoor is the artistic name of Jahron Anthony Brathwaite the person with whoms miss kylie jenner seems to be fond of right now, apparently he has moved his party this time to miss Kylie Jenner making her feel more cheerful, and forgetful of whatever problems she had with the rapper Tyga

Kylie Jenner is moving on

The twenty two year old rapper seems to have become the perfect pill for the Starlet of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, girls who by the way are hard to keep up with, they move a lot Partynextdoor or PND, has left some Caribbean flavor into this mix that now has made the girl happier.

All we can say is that we hope this bad credt messaging online, and gossiping into the situation is now calmed, because is now water under the bridge, apparently there is no more ways on how to make it official, the relationship between the rapper Tyga, and Kylie Jenner is over, fully and ompletely, each of the protagonist have moved on, and are dating other people and not afraid of showing it.

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