» » The female rapper Lauryn Hill was delayed again to her concert

The female rapper Lauryn Hill was delayed again to her concert

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Fugees’ former singer, female rapper, Lauryn Hill returns to news for something which is not surprising. She arrived 3 hours late to her concert in Pittsburgh last night. Headlines are focused on this instead on the music they played or whether someone was joining her on stage or not. That, lingering a little may remain in some contexts like something interesting. But it seems that 180 minutes is a lack of respect for the audience.

Lauryn Hill

Two days ago concert, January 31, 2017, took place at Pittsburgh’s Heinz Hall. According to the press, when no one thought she was going to show up, the New Jersey artist was introduced. Perhaps, at the beginning of her career, she was forgiven for the delay. But after years of repeating the same pattern, those who have covered her performances on several occasions know that what they expect from her.

Who is this female rapper and singer Lauryn Hill?

Lauryn Hill is a renowned American songwriter who in the first instance would become famous for being part of the musical group The Fugees. Then, after the dissolution of the group, she continued with a successful solo career. She has won 8 Grammy Awards, and she has also been involved in production and acting.

Hill was born on May 25th, 1975 in South Orange, New Jersey. From a young age she showed artistic inclinations. That is why at an early age she began acting in various stages. She even participated in TV series.
The Fugees.

As soon as the nineties began, Lauryn Hill took part of the soul group The Fugees. in 1996, the band grabbed the attention of the world with the edition of their album The Score. This album was especially noticed for the performance of the song Killing Me Softly. An anthem of one of the most legendary soul singers of all time. Roberta Flack.

Her solo Career

In 1998 she took off from The Fugees and launched her solo career through the album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. The album Immediately became a success. Lauryn got to be recognized by herself.

In 2002 and after a long break, Lauryn Hill returned with another album. MTV Unplugged. It should be noted that this release matched with a resounding change in her appearance and in her personal life. Since that moment, the singer decided to reduce her public appearances while choosing to approach the knowledge of new artistic expressions such as writing, designing, among others.

Lauryn is also committed greatly to the social causes. Especially with the the refugees, and the defense of children’s rights.

In 2004, Hill did make a reunion with her former band The Fugees. And they not only released a new song, but they went together to make a concert.

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