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Lil Wayne possibly will retires from rap

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Given the health problems of the famous hip hop artist and his recent problem or issue with the discography, with this the rumors seems to confirm that Lil Wayne is thinking of getting retire from the world of rap.

Lil Wayne

The rapper put some post in his Twitter account that many of his fans worried about. The rapper express that he was happy with what he has achieved thanking his fans for all the support but it was enough. Details of his health, Lil Wayne admitted that he went to the hospital after having convulsed during a flight.

Lil Wayne

Dwayne Michael Carter, born on 27 September of 1982, AKA Lil Wayne, an American musician, rapper, producer and an icon of the rap genre, which is already winner of four Grammys. He starts his career at an early age of 9 years, he was hired by the agency Cash Money Records as the youngest member, with B.G formed a rap duo called, “The BG’z”. Reaching popularity in mid-2004 with his album, The Carter. In March of 2010 the famous rapper went to prison for having possession of a weapon which had been recognized as a crime. While in prison he launched his album, I Am not a Human Being, in September of the same year, at just being release from prison.

After leaving his album the Carter sack IV which was a resounding success beating sales records and digital downloads, he launched in 2013 another album, I Am Not A Human Being II, which follows the tradition of being a success after another.

Lil Wayne

It’s not a surprise fact, due that the rapper has suffer from seizures since 2012, in addition to the differences with his record label Cash Money, which has a dispute over whether to launch his latest album with them or release him from his contract, which affects its health due to the stress.


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