» » Lupe Fiasco definitely will not have album this year

Lupe Fiasco definitely will not have album this year

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This year is almost over, is about to end. So a surprise project of Lupe Fiasco, seems like, will simply not happen.

Like many artists, his creative plans fall through actions by record companies and their actions regarding the material that an artist makes. Which is very overwhelming for his career, which in most of the time he has to go through a fight in the commercial part of the music business. So that he can have the results that he expects.

Lupe Fiasco

 A bad year for Lupe Fiasco

In the case of Lupe Fiasco, who is a victim of businessmen, who retain his album that would be released this year, but for reasons that have been not result, Lupe Fiasco will not have album this year by the Record Company that carried out the musical album of the rapper.

They retain his album almost the all year, and time has passed and nothing happened.

Lupe Fiasco through his twitter account mentioned displeasure. He posted:

– It’s a strong possibility that you will not get any new album of Lupe this year. I tried to make it happen but better plotted plans made a mess.

In another post he twitted:

-Drug, Drugs and more drugs will be recorded in full and sits, but authorizations and blending problems are pushing us beyond realistic deadlines now.

One of his fans responded to one of his post on twitter. Saying that, music can’t be rushed. Lupe Fiasco’s response was:

  • Thanks … although just to clarify the albums have been done for months. It’s the bureaucracy and the details now. The shit I hate.

Some fact about Lupe’s work

  • Lupe Fiasco announced the release of the album at the beginning of 2016.
  • The rapper considers all this, as acts of bureaucracy by the record label.
  • It is said that the cause of this, is the decision of the executives to think about whether or not the release of the album by Lupe Fiasco is profitable.
  • In addition, Atlantic Records has not yet given any reason why they have retained the album.

The most difficult thing for an artist is to find the right balance between making his life and pleasing his fans with music. Just as Lupe Fiasco is doing at the moment, doing everything he can to please his followers.

Lupe Fiasco

Unfortunately, as a result of all these problems, we will not see any work of him in this 2016.


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